F1 Visa Benefits for Students

Immigration Lawyer in San Jose area Offers Insights into F1 Visas for Students

If you’re a full time student from a foreign country who will be traveling to the US to study at a university, college, conservatory or high school or as a language student, then you will want to apply for and secure a F1 Visa. In my practice as an immigration lawyer in the San Jose Bay Area, CA, I’ve found that this visa, which is specifically designed for students, is essential.

Primary F1 Benefits

First and foremost, the F1 visa allows individual full time students to enter the United States in order to study at an academic institution. In essence, along with your acceptance at a school, this is your ticket into the country.

The F1 visa eventually offers you the opportunity to work legally either on- or off-campus via CPT or OPT. There are numerous opportunities at institutions dedicated to learning where students can gain valuable experience, create professional connections and earn money through a campus or off-campus job. In essence, you can get paid to acquire skills and further knowledge through training that is experienced based.

Secondary F1 Benefits

This visa, which is fairly simple to apply for, also lets you travel throughout the U.S. as long as you’re a student. The F1 is the document that allows you to stay in the country until you have completed your educational program and it also provides you with the opportunity to bring your spouse and any children under the age of 21 into the country while you are here studying.

The F1 visa is exceptionally handy because with it students can engage in numerous activities that enrich their studies and their time spent in the U.S. In applying for the F1, you want to make sure that you adhere to all procedures and submit proper documentation. This process should be speedy but as an immigration lawyer in the San Jose area I’ve found that by not following all necessary steps, your paperwork can be delayed.

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