Immigration Lawyer reveals a top reason for Green Card denials in Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose

One of the top questions I get from my marriage based clients is

Why would my case be denied?

One of the top reasons that cases are denied is because the couple fails to demonstrate that they have a bona fide relationship. However, let me be more specific. The top reason that I have found as the cause of a denial or second interview or further investigation after the interview is the failure to provide joint documents.

It is not enough to explain that you love each other.

Even if you are able to answer questions correctly at the interview, if you do not have joint documents, depending on the immigration officer, you may get called into a second interview or your case could be denied or get a Request for Evidence (RFE). If the RFE is not responded to appropriately that could result in a denial.

Why is this the case?

USCIS finds that you have the burden of proof to demonstrate you meet the legal requirements to obtain a green card.

Since they get so many fraudulent applications and applicant’s can “fake” the interview, USCIS finds that your marriage is much more likely to be “real” if you have co-mingled your funds. Thus, joint documents help demonstrate that your finances are co-mingled and your relationship is bonafide (real).

Therefore, when attending your interview, it is important that you bring your joint documents and additional documentation requested in the USCIS interview notice.

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