San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Discusses Green Card

San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Discusses Green Card

Benefits of Green Card Focus of this Blog by San Francisco Immigration Lawyer

The Alien Registration Receipt Card, which is the official name for the US Green Card, is a prized possession for many who want to immigrate to the United States. That’s because the Green Card, which is also known as the Permanent Resident Card (PR), gives individuals many rights and benefits and puts an immigrant one step away from citizenship. I’ve found in my years as an immigration lawyer in the San Francisco Bay area that this card offers holders a wealth of security.

What a Green Card Designates

Specifically, a green card designates those aliens who have come to the US and now possess permanent resident status. If you have a Green Card, you aren’t here as a temporary worker or as a student or in any other non-permanent capacity. It does not mean you are a citizen but it does mean that you may live and work in any of the 50 states.

Green Card Benefits

There are many benefits to having a Green Card. Here’s a quick list of the ones that I highlight when I work with people in all 50 states through my immigration law practice located in the San Francisco area.

  • You may enter or leave the country at will and as long as you have your card with you and proper identification you won’t be denied entrance to the U.S. and as long as you have not “abandoned your residence” in the U.S.
  • The Green Card is a lifetime benefit, but keep in mind that the actual physical card must be renewed every ten years.  Although if you have a conditional Green Card it is only valid for two years and you must ensure that you renew it prior to the two year period.
  • Those with Green Cards receive Social Security retirement benefits as long as they have worked for 40 quarters.
  • Those with Green Cards are eligible for resident tuition at state colleges and universities and may apply for financial educational aid from government-sponsored programs.
  • Green Card holders may also start their own business.


Once you have your Green Card, you may eventually apply to become a U.S. citizen. Until you are a citizen, you may not vote in U.S. elections. Many of those who I work with as an immigration lawyer through my San Francisco law office have hopes of eventually becoming citizens. The Green Card, along with providing a huge amount of security, is a major step towards citizenship.

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