The American Dream, 4th of July and Immigration Law

The Fourth of July (or Independence Day), may have come and gone, but many people are still celebrating the opportunities they have found in the United States. They are celebrating the result of all the hard work they put in, and the long wait they had to endure before being granted a visa, or residency, or even naturalization. For those who immigrated to America, July means not only means celebrating freedom and independence but it’s also a month to celebrate the American Dream, and this month, we’re reflecting on that dream.

For each of us, the American Dream means something a little different. There are people who want to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Others who want the best education and a job to match. There are those who want to make a difference in their communities, and help others achieve their own dreams. For others still, they want to live in an amazing home, drive a fast car, and live a life they could never have anywhere else. No matter what your dreams are, they all come back to pursuing opportunities that allow us to find what makes us happy.

You may have heard the American Dream has changed. That it isn’t what it used to be or that it’s a myth. The notion of the American Dream has been around for hundreds of years. The idea alone is what brought millions of people to the United States from all over the world — and continues to do so today. The American Dream has changed over time, but from watching our clients and the experiences of so many people, I can tell you the American Dream is real, and people are living it every day.

Those who immigrate to the United States know there is opportunity for them here. If there wasn’t, they would have gone elsewhere. Immigrants are still coming to the U.S., taking risks, leaving loved ones behind, building businesses, practicing medicine, and even creating jobs. Not only are they keeping the American Dream alive for themselves, they are keeping it alive for everyone else who has yet to start the journey.

Immigrants are one of the cornerstones of the American Dream

They helped define it years ago, and through their actions, they have kept it strong. Hard work and determination are two attributes that define so many of our clients. You can even say hard work and determination are part of the American Dream.

Achieving the American Dream is not easy. We say it all the time. Immigrating to the U.S. takes time and resolve. But those who overcome those challenges are often awarded with a certain visa, residency, or naturalization. Their lives change and even transformed for the better.

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