March for Immigration Reform: An Immigration Lawyer’s Observations

In my San Francisco and Northern California based immigration law practice, I am in daily contact with those who are affected by immigration reform legislation. As a lawyer, I am constantly sifting through ways in which the changing political tides will affect my clients and the manner in which I can help them.

This past week, there have been many developments that indicate that the move for immigration reform is being taken very seriously by proponents and that they are unhappy with what they perceive to be a lack of support from President Obama.

Various groups that support massive legislative changes in the immigration laws have severely criticized the President’s lack of support for rights related to immigrants and immigration.

An event held on March 21 in Washington, D.C. says a lot about just how serious some people are taking the fight to ensure that immigration reform happens sooner than later. A massive march called the March for America has been organized by the Center for Community Change and it is supported by five major groups and many more who are devoted to organizing people for that day.

There are other events, including Town Hall meetings with members of congress to be held about 10 days after the march and rallies in April in other parts of the country. Altough comprehensive immigration reform may not occur in 2010, this energy can eventually lead to reform.

The changing energies of the U.S. political arena are fluctuating daily. I can’t help but think that one way or another this will affect immigration lawyers as well as the law as we prepare to adjust to whatever changes will come from this movement. As this story develops, I’ll continue to monitor it and evaluate what it may mean to those not only in San Francisco but all individuals and corporations who are directly connected to immigration issues.

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