L1 Visa Blanket Requirements

L1 Visa Blanket Requirements

San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Offers Insight on L1 Visa Blankets

Using a L1 visa blanket can save petitioning businesses a lot of time when trying to bring managers, executives and employees with specialized knowledge to the U.S. Non-blanket applications can take up to four months or longer while those submitted under the blanket can be facilitated quickly.

Company Requirements for L1 Visa Blankets

In order to qualify for a blanket, companies must meet the following criteria.

  • The company petitioning for the blanket and its entities are engaged in business in both countries, providing services and/or products on an ongoing basis.
  • The company requesting the L1 visa must have done one of the following: (a) During the past year, received a minimum of 10 “L” petitions for managers, executives, or specialized knowledge professionals, (b) have total combined annual sales of its U.S. holdings of a minimum of $25 million or (c) already have in place a work force comprised of at least 1,000 employees.

Consider the L1 Blanket

If your company meets the requirements, then it makes sense to consider a blanket. Although my immigration law practice is located in San Francisco with other offices in various parts of California, I work with clients around the country, serving all 50 states. If you want your company to be considered for a L1 visa blanket, I can assist in this process no matter where you are located in the U.S.

Please contact the Ranchod Law Group with offices serving San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento California, at info@ranchodlaw.com or at 415-986-6186 if you have any questions regarding L1 visas or immigration law.
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