L1 Visa Restrictions and Flexibility

L1 Visa Restrictions and Flexibility

San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Considers L1 Visa Flexibility

Through my San Francisco immigration law practice, I work with many L1 visa applicants throughout the United States. The L1 visa is available to workers from companies outside of the United States who are coming to this country to work for a parent company, a subsidiary or a company legally connected to the company they are working for in their land of origin.

L1 Visa Restrictions

The L1 visa allows applicants to work for a specific company. Unlike the H1 B, there is no cap on this particular visa. The supply is limited by the actual number of jobs and an applicant and the company meeting the proper criteria.

The spouse of a L1 visa holder may work in this country but their minor dependents may not. The spouse, who would be on an L2 visa, must apply for authorization to work. That is done once in the U.S. Once approved, they would be allowed to gain employment.

L1 Visa Flexibility

Although there are very specific restrictions related to the L1 visa regarding the individual from the foreign land in essence being employed by the same company or a legal entity of that company in the U.S., there is some flexibility. These include that the L1 visa holder may be employed part-time.

Best to Ask

It never hurts to and it’s often best to ask an immigration lawyer if you have any questions regarding an L1 visa. I monitor immigration law changes from my San Francisco office and presently reforming various aspects of the law has become a hot-button issue in the U.S. and that means that there are frequent changes in the law and USCIS policy.

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