Some Aspects of the L1 Visa that Make it Attractive

Some Aspects of the L1 Visa that Make it Attractive

San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Looks at What Makes L1 Visa a Good Choice

In this blog, I’ve written a lot lately about the L1 visa, which is designed for foreign managers or executives and specialized knowledge staff who are coming to the U.S. to work on a non-permanent basis. Those applying for a L1 visa must have been employed for one continuous year of the past previous three years by a foreign company that is legally connected to the U.S. company for which they are coming to work.

Many Organizations May Qualify

Unlike the H 1B visa, which is designated for those in areas such as science, computer programming, mathematics and engineering, executives and managers may qualify for a L1A visa as long as they meet the L1 criteria. Also, the employer who is sponsoring the L1 applicant(s) does not have to be owned by U.S. citizens.

Length of Stay

The length of stay in the U.S. for those with a L1A visa is initially three years. The visa may be renewed and the total length of stay on a L1A visa is seven years.

Speedy Process

There is no need for a LCA in the granting of a L1 visa. That’s because the employee is basically transferring within the company and thus they are not considered to be a newly hired employee.

The entire process takes three to four months from the date of filing as of today but USCIS processing times frequently change. You may also apply for premium processing and obtain a decision within 15 days (as long as a RFE is not issued).

L1 Benefits Everyone

The L1 visa benefits the segment of the company that is established in the U.S. and it can certainly benefit U.S. workers due to the fact that these visas are often used to bring managers, executives and specialized knowledge staff members to the U.S. who are going to help the organization expand and grow.

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