The Secret of Standing by Your Immigration Goals

It’s another new year! Now that we are in February, have you kept up with your goals? As we take our first steps into 2016, we’re setting goals and looking forward to the busy year ahead. You too may have already started planning for the year, mapping out where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. Setting goals can be tricky. It’s not a secret that many of the goals and plans we make at the beginning of the year go unfinished or forgotten. We may become busy with other things, or we need to turn our attention to other matters, so our goals get pushed to the side.

If you look back on 2015 and find that you still have goals you want to accomplish, that’s okay. You can continue to work toward them in 2016, right alongside the new goals you’re ready to pursue. As you set goals and work toward completing them, there are steps you can take to keep yourself on track and not lose sight of them. When you’re thinking about what you want accomplish, remember that your goals should have a positive influence on your life, your family’s life, and even your career. Your goals should make you happy. Then, think about what type of goals you want to set. There are two major types of goals. There are goals that are down to earth and completely realistic. Then there are goals that are much loftier and harder to achieve.

The way you set goals should match your personality and the way you do things

If you’re a person motivated by big, ambitious goals, go for it. If you need smaller, more manageable goals with detailed steps, take that approach. Do what is right for you. Then, write down your goals. Always write down your goals. Putting your goals down on paper is a great way to hold yourself accountable. When you can see and reference what you want to accomplish, you’re much likelier to see it through to the end. When you’re writing down your goals, be as specific as possible. Many people want to lose weight in the new year, so they come up with a simple goal to “lose weight” or “get in shape.” You can’t hold yourself nearly as accountable with vague goals.

Instead, add specific details that will help you realize your goal. “Lose weight” should become “Lose 15 pounds by May 15.” And be sure to include details of how you will accomplish the goal: “Go to the gym every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,” or “Bike to work.”However, make the process fun and do not let deadlines stress you out.

Once you start working toward your goals over the next few months or years, keep coming back to what you wrote down. Don’t let it leave your mind. Look back over the progress you’ve made and look ahead at what you have left to do to reach your goal. It is very important to integrate your success and acknowledge the progress.

If you have immigration goals, right now is the perfect time to starting planning out your year

Do you want to reunite your family? Take the next step in the migration process? Apply for naturalization? Put together a plan of action, and follow through.

It may take some time to reach your goals, but when you do, you will feel amazing!

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