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Hey Kaushik,
I don’t want to take up to much of your time, but just wanted to say hi and thanks again after all of these years since you helped my wife and I. I got your flier in the mail today you always send out to us, and was reading the front story about your 20th anniversary, congrats, and remembering back when you helped my wife come to the states. It was just about 18 years ago, so you were early on in your business, and we were some of your early clients I assume since you were only open for 2 years or so. And remembering back then, it was only you, and you had hired 1 assistant I believe, and the 2 of you were doing everything yourself. Still remember going to our last interview, and the comment the guy made about how well prepared my paperwork was, he was impressed, ha. Your company has grown a lot over these last 18 years, and I’m sure you still make a lot of people very happy like you did 18 years ago for us. Like you, I wonder where the time has gone also, but still remember the great job you did for us, and we are still very grateful. Just wanted to say hello and thanks again, it’s been a long time, but we have not forgotten about you, or what you did for us, and how easy you made it all even with that mound of paperwork, ha ha. Glad to see you are doing well and still helping a lot of people with your firm. Take care, be safe, and congrats on your 20th.

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