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Kaushik Ranchod – Managing Attorney

Kaushik Ranchod


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Immigration is not just a profession, it is part of my daily personal life, as I grew up as an immigrant and went through the immigration process.  (If you would like to review my credentials including my Avvo Superb ranking – the highest rating given by Avvo, an independent lawyer rating service, click here. Before reviewing my laundry list of accolades and over a decade of achievements in Immigration Law I think it is equally as important for you to get to know me as a person – Read Making the Journey with Kaushik Ranchod and Finding Home.)

At the age of one my family immigrated to the U.S. from Cape Town, South Africa.  My families immigration history begins with my great grandparents.  They were extremely courageous as most immigrants are, as they traveled by boat from India to South Africa to make a better life for themselves.  They worked hard to survive, as they did not know anyone in South Africa, did not have a job waiting for them, but they did have their work ethic and integrity.  My grandparents managed to make a living by mending shoes.  Eventually my grandfather turned that cobbler profession  into a successful business by creating a shoe factory.  Despite my grandfather’s success in South Africa in creating a successful business, my grandfather wanted to escape the oppression of apartheid.  Therefore, he immigrated to the U.S.  Then my father brought our family to the U.S. and attended Chiropractic school.  I understand on a very personal level why people are willing to leave their family, friends, and all that they know to start a new life in the U.S.

My wife was born and raised in Bombay (Mumbai), India and we met in the U.S. while she was teaching special needs children in Santa Clara, California.  I travel to India often and stay with my wife’s family in Bombay, which is one of the highlights of my year because I get the best Indian food and get to spend time with family!

Thus it was only a natural evolution and personal calling for me to practice immigration law. I consider it my honor and privilege to help make your life better. This is not a profession for me, this is my life; and thank you for the possibility of entrusting me with your future.

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