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Investor Visa Application: What Your Immigration Lawyer Can Do

In our law offices in San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento, our immigration lawyers and staff offer a range of services. Working for many years as an immigration lawyer, sometimes I take for granted that potential clients have a sound idea about what services they should expect.

However, for many undergoing the E-2 and L-1 visa process, this is a first-time experience and they may not know what to expect. Here’s a list of what a good immigration lawyer should do for you if you’re applying for an investor visa.Read More »Investor Visa Application: What Your Immigration Lawyer Can Do

E-2 Visa and Green Card

There are many people holding E-2 visas who come to my office inquiring about the possibility of obtaining their Green Card. Green Cards are not automatically awarded to those holding an E-2.

There are ways in which you may obtain a Green Card once you’ve been awarded an E-2 visa. As an immigration attorney in San Francisco, here are some of the ways in which my clients have qualified for their Green Card.

Green Card Qualifiers

  • Relative Sponsorship: If you have an immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen, they may be able to sponsor you (Spouse, parent, or child).
  • Investment: If you’re able to invest $1 million in a business or $500,000 in a rural area business and create 10 new jobs, you may qualify.
  • Green Card through employment (PERM)Read More »E-2 Visa and Green Card

Qualifying for an E-2 Visa

As an immigration lawyer in the Sacramento, I often work with people seeking their E-2 Visa. The E-2 Visa is designed to allow entrepreneurs and business people into the country who have the means and ability to create a company or business and, thus, employ people in the U.S. There’s been an emphasis on this particular visa since many believe that encouraging such investment will help the country’s struggling economy.

Those who want to come to the country under an E-2 must apply through the American Embassy. Alternatively, if you are in the United States you may be able to change status to an E-2 status. Recently, documentation standards have become more stringent, making the process more difficult. Here’s the latest regarding the key requirements for the E-2.Read More »Qualifying for an E-2 Visa

Immigration Lawyer Addresses Important E-2 Visa Policies

I’ve found as an immigration lawyer working in the San Francisco and San Jose Bay area that often those applying for an E-2 visa do not want to enter the country alone. Sometimes, they have a co-investor or a co-business partner who is a relative or one who is unrelated to them. There’s nothing wrong with this but there are regulations of which applicants must be aware.

These are the primary rules and regulations pertaining to co-investors and family members that I’ve found to be most important in working as an immigration lawyer with my clients in San Jose.Read More »Immigration Lawyer Addresses Important E-2 Visa Policies