E2 Visa Benefits Considered

Treaty Investor E-2 Investor Visa can Help Your Investment Grow

As I’ve seen in working with clients in the Sacramento and Stockton, the U.S. economy continues to struggle, which I view as a possible opportunity and benefit for foreign investors who want to succeed in the U.S and for the country itself. As an immigration lawyer, I work with many foreign-born business people who have made or will make a substantial capital investment in their company in the US and who want to come to this country in an effort to continue to develop it.

Real Benefits

Let’s consider some of the benefits an investor can reap from acquiring an E-2 Investor Visa and coming to the U.S.. Along with being able to bring your spouse and dependent children to the U.S. and the fact that your spouse may seek employment, you may travel freely throughout the country and work at the company in which you have invested. If you are applying for E-2 status within the US the E-2 is valid for two years but may be renewed as long as you qualify for the visa.

The Results

The E2 Visa is not commonly seen as being a doorway to becoming a U.S. citizen. But it
is a good way for someone who substantially invests in their company in the United States to obtain a visa. In another blog, I’ll discuss the requirements for the E2. In my work as an immigration lawyer, I’ve found that some of the requirements are less defined than others, which can work to an applicant’s benefit. From my –Sacramento– and Sacramento area offices I’ve worked with many foreign investors who want to travel and work in various parts of this country. It can be a rewarding experience in many ways.

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