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Marriage Green Card Interview Tips You need to Hear

Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from The Ranchod Law Group and I’m here with Brian. Today we are talking about marriage green card interviews part 2. So Brian, what kind of questions have we been getting? The question is how early should someone arrive to the interview? I know in the notice it says 30 minutes before but is it accurate right now? That’s a great question! Well a lot of things are changing you know very frequently with the Trump administration, so before you know 30 minutes were fine but I would recommend an hour because it’s taking so long right now as of June 2019 to go through security, so you should be there an hour ahead of time just to make sure that you have plenty of time for security – and at that security check what will they check?

So you want to make sure you have your government ID and your interview notice. You should also bring your passport to the interview as well. So you know it’s important then, in that situation, to speak with who’s in charge because with a lot of new trainings going on, you want to think of the security as like going to
the airport through that type of security – that’s what the security is like now.

Once you get to the appointment what kind of question will they ask in the marriage based interview?

For a marriage-based green card they can ask questions such as:

  • How did you meet?
  • What was the date of your marriage?

Those are a couple of common questions that they ask.

Is there any way they can ask something that you don’t know? Something crazy?

Uh yes they can! They can ask something that you don’t know and sometimes you know you’re not gonna know every single fact about your spouse so don’t worry
about that – it’s the majority of questions as long as you know the majority of questions it should be fine but if there’s a lot of questions that you don’t know then that’s gonna raise a red flag, but you’re not going to know every single thing about your spouse so if you all of a sudden can’t remember something don’t let that derail the rest of your interview.

Finally: why is so important to have an attorney present in that interview?

well now with the current President Trump administration I highly recommend that you have an attorney go with you to the interview because they can ask questions there which are inappropriate and you want to have the attorney there to intervene in that situation and if your case for whatever reason is denied, then you also have the attorney there who is a witness to what happened just in case the officer in the decision misconstrues the facts of what occurred: you have the attorney who was there as a witness to know exactly what happened and to clarify the actual testimony that occurred

All right well we want to thank you for joining today and we will see you next week – we want to wish you an awesome day.

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