Questions You May be Asked in your H1B Interview

I know that most H1B applicants get nervous about their interview. As an immigration attorney in Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Clara we work with individuals seeking employment around the U.S.  Since there is a degree of uncertainty and the interview process is subjective it certainly makes sense that a certain amount of worry will creep into someone’s head.

Types of Questions

You may get questions in four areas—education and experience, the reason for your H1B visa, the company you’re currently working for and the company for which you’re going to work. The point of the interview is to make sure that you meet all of the requirements for a H1B visa, which are focused on your education and training and an offer of employment.

Reason for H1B Visa

Basically, they want to know why you are leaving your country and why you’re coming to the U.S. They want to know what you expect to do in the U.S., how much you know about living conditions and how long you expect to stay in the U.S.

Education and Experience

They could ask you questions regarding you area of specialization, where you studied and what you studied. They may ask you about specific courses, areas of focus, people with who you studied and details regarding your training.

Company You’re Working for Now

If a company has employed you, they will want to know its name, how long have you been there and what do you do. They may ask about your salary and specific duties.

U.S. Company that will Employ You

They will ask the name of the company, contact information, what your salary will be, if they are helping you relocate, how long you plan to work for them and other such questions. They may want to know why you want to work for that specific organization, what you hope to achieve and how much you know about the company.

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