i-601a Waivers and Extreme hardship Explained By Immigration Attorney Kaushik Ranchod

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I-601a Waiver Explained By Immigration Attorney Serving Stockton CA

Another success story by the Ranchod Law Group. Watch this video where immigration attorney Kaushik Ranchod illustrates how they were able to prove extreme hardship.

The Story

The Client, a U.S. Citizen working a job had been demoted, completely relied on her husband for financial support. The couple has a U.S. citizen child. They have had a life together for many years – Juan came into the U.S. without an inspection and without a visa.

At this point they sought help to avoid their family be ripped apart by separation .

We worked relentlessly here at the Ranchod Law Group to prove all the extreme hardship factors – one of the hardship factors is not being separated. Although this may seem to be the most important one, it is not according to the laws and USCIS: unfortunately that is not extreme hardship.

We were able to build a case around a few key factors:

  1. Extreme hardship to the child
  2. Consequent extreme hardship to the parent who is the U.S. citizen
  3. Extreme hardship caused by career disruption
  4. Extreme hardship caused by financial disruption

You may be going through a very difficult moment in your life, you’re probably scared.

We are here to help you. Contact us to learn about your options

We will tell you if you do have an option or not.

The i-601a waiver and extreme hardship waiver described in this video is one great option that we focus on at the Kaushik Ranchod and with which we have had great success.

We have had only one denial since the i-601a came out.

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