I-601A Waivers: Children Cannot Petition For Parents

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Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from the The Ranchod Law Group with Brian – we’re here doing our weekly immigration show.
Today we’re going to talk about a frequently asked question on a top waiver: I601a.

Children filing I-601A Waivers for their parents

Can Children file for an I-601A Waiver?

One question that I get asked frequently is: can a child file an I601a waiver for a parent?

I actually had a consultation today with someone who had this situation – they didn’t hire an attorney, they filed the case and got it denied because she was a child filing for the father, wasting a whole year unfortunately. Children are not eligible for the I-601a Waiver because the child-parent relationship is something that does not qualify. If the child is a U.S. Citizen, this doesn’t allow the father to qualify for the I601a Waiver.

However, you can qualify if you’re a spouse or a parent U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident: in those situations, that relationship could qualify for an I-601a Waiver.

So Brian, what other questions have we been getting? Well you’re talking about the I-601A, client’s get impatient and want to know exactly if we have a way to determine how much time does it take for an I-601A Waivers to get approved.

I-601A Approval Times

How long doies it take for an I-601A Waiver to get approved?

That’s a great question Brian! Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball, but what we do have is experience – what I could tell you for the I-601A is it’s taking about six to eight months right now and the times are just slowing down. I expect that time to slow down. We’re also getting questions about how long it will take once the I-601A is approved and that can be anywhere from two to four months all the way up to six or even seven months.

Alright well that is all that we have today. I am going to be out of the office next week so we will resume this two weeks from now. I want to thank you for tuning in again you can ask your questions below and we will be happy to respond or you can call us at (916) 613-3553 have an awesome day.

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