Immigration Reform in Arizona

A Sacramento Immigration Attorney’s Take on the New Arizona Immigration Law

In my Sacramento office where I practice as an immigration lawyer, I’m constantly surrounded by news regarding the growing debate around the reform of our immigration policies. This is an issue that affects millions of Americans directly and all Americans indirectly. Arizona has a new state law regarding immigration and it is raising a lot of eyebrows.

State Law

Although immigration has been something that has been governed by the federal government, the Arizona law changes that by making it a state issue. The State of Arizona will soon be regulating immigration within its borders. That means that undocumented immigrants will be breaking state law.

Additionally, the new state law allows police who have stopped people for other suspected violations to investigate their immigration status. If someone is violating a municipal ordinance, they could find themselves behind bars as an undocumented individual.

Biggest Concern

Many view the controversial law as a bad one, while others think it’s needed. The Justice Department may bring suit against Arizona in order to stop the law from going into effect. It is due to become the law on July 29, 2010.

One thing this new law may do, as I’ve discussed with other immigration lawyers in California, is simply derail reform or cause further confusion over immigration reform. The Arizona law also could result in racial profiling. If anything, the fact that a state has decided to supersede the federal government in this area is a clear indication that people are frustrated and concerned about this issue.

Concerns Should be Addressed

If you have a concern over this law and require clarification or understanding, then consulting an immigration lawyer might be the thing to do. Although my office is located in Sacramento, CA, I work with immigration cases from all around the country. This law could certainly have an affect on some of my clients.

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