Free Appeal Guarantee

For many of you this is a stressful process. This may be the first time that you have hired a lawyer. I would like to take some of the stress out of retaining an attorney by offering our Free Appeal Guarantee.

After we review the details of your case and our firm determines that you have a solid case, you will receive the Free Appeal Guarantee which will be added to your fee agreement.

Free Appeal Guarantee

If your case is denied our firm will either refile your case or appeal the decision. This service is valued at $4500. Why am I willing to take on this risk? It is quite simple-our firm’s track record of success allows me to offer you this guarantee.


Our free appeal guarantee does not apply if:

  • Petitioner or Beneficiary misrepresented any facts or information to our firm or USCIS;
  • Beneficiary has a criminal record;
  • Client does not provide the documentation that we recommend or that USCIS requests for the application;
  • Client does not provide the documents requested within six months of retaining the attorney;
  • Client does not follow our instructions.

(*)The free appeal guarantee and our prior success rate is not a prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Normal Cases

There are cases where it is hard to determine whether you have enough positive factors upon filing. In these situations you will receive a $500 credit towards filing any other case type if your case is not approved and the free appeal guarantee will not be added to your fee agreement.

If you meet the above requirements for the Free Appeal Guarantee (c) you will also have the option of refiling/appealing your case or taking advantage of the $500 credit towards another case type.

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