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K-3 Marriage Visa Client Services


Kaushik Ranchod, Immigration Attorney in California


Our office prepares and submits all documentation for the immediate relative and K3 petition. We will provide you with advice on documentation that should be submitted with both the immediate relative and K3 petition so that your application does not experience unnecessary delays. If our office makes a determination that your documents do not meet the USCIS (formerly INS) specifications we will suggest appropriate supplemental documentation. Our office corresponds and communicates with you and your spouse without additional attorney’s fees. Additionally, our clients can view their case status 24/7 via our online case status case management software. Forms will be sent via overnight mail for your signature and our office will submit the final forms to the USCIS.


Our office will also prepare all embassy forms, review all documentation and prepare your spouse for the interview. We will contact and communicate with the United States Embassy on your behalf. After approval of your K3 petition, our office will contact the U.S. Embassy to update their office of USCIS approval. In order to expedite the process, our office completes all forms and sends them to your spouse, before your K3 petition is approved.

Our office corresponds and communicates with you and your spouse without additional attorney’s fees. Unlike other lawyers that only prepare the K3 petition; we continue to provide you and your spouse with legal guidance throughout the entire K3 visa process and monitor your case at the USCIS service center and US embassy. Additionally, we prepare you for the USCIS interview by having you and your spouse undergo a simulated USCIS interview. We also ensure that you provide the appropriate evidence for the interview. The above preparation and dedication to your case contributes to our high success rate.

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