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Money Back Guarantee

Applies only to Adjustment of Status cases

If your case is denied we will refile your case. If your case is not approved after refiling we will refund the legal fee (but not government filing fees).

Our money back guarantee does not apply if Petitioner or Beneficiary 1) misrepresented any facts or information to our firm or USCIS 2) does not have a bonafide relationship 3) if you have a criminal record 4) client does not exceed the affidavit of support income requirements 5) if client does not provide the documentation that we recommend or that USCIS requests for the application 6) If client does not provide the documents requested within six months of retaining the attorney 7) If client requests that attorney does not file the application 8) If Petitioner or Beneficiary previously filed a marriage or fiancé application with USCIS.