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Our immigration lawyer accept cases from Sacramento & Stockton, as well as from across the nation and U.S. embassies from around the world. We’re passionate about what we do and go the extra mile to help our clients achieve their immigration goals. For questions on immigration law or to discuss the specifics of your case, please contact us at 916-613-3553 or email us at

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5 Questions You should Ask when Applying for your
I601A hardship waiver​

To ensure that you hire a lawyer experienced with Marriage based I601a and I601 waivers this video will help you ask smart questions.
I601 Hardship Waivers are an attempt to overcome the entry without a visa (entry without inspection) or other grounds of inadmissibility to the U.S. so that you can obtain a green card and live permanently in the U.S. See if you fall into one of the two categories of people who can file for a hardship waiver.

How to get a Marriage Green Card​

When you get married it should be a happy and memorable experience, rather than worrying about the complications of filing for your green card application. The above video explains very important details of filing for a marriage based green card that you should know before submitting your application. It is my hope that this video alleviates some of the stress you will be facing. Some couples who contact our office want to know the pitfalls that could occur when filing for their application. In this article I explain some common mistakes you should avoid when applying for your marriage based green card.

Three Facts You Need to Know Before Applying For a I601 and I601a Waiver​

Obtaining your I601a waiver and greencard after marrying a U.S. Citizen can be a positive and happy experience but common mistakes can make the process needlessly stressful. Here are some examples of hardship that should not be overlooked when filing your I601a and I601 waiver application. We often meet with clients who believe they need a hardship waiver and they tend to ask what do I need to bring you in order to file my case? The answer is that it depends on the reason you need a waiver and on your particular circumstances.

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