The Ranchod Law Group is committed to providing high quality legal services that are customized to your personal circumstances. We maintain regular client contact and respond to your phone calls and e-mails promptly. Using the most up-to-date internet systems and technology allows us to keep up with developments in immigration law, develop your case, and provide you with regular status updates. We provide clients with the convenience and peace of mind that comes with broader, flexible access to our office through the power of the internet. All of these services demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction. Immigration law is a federal practice; consequently, we represent clients throughout the United States and at U.S. Embassies around the world. Contact the Ranchod Law Group to discuss your visa or other immigration law needs. We work directly with employers and individuals.

Our Purpose

We give clients the opportunity to live life without fear by guiding them through a complex system. We educate and empower our clients so they can live out their dreams. Every case we undertake is a commitment to building a future where our clients thrive

our core values


Sam demonstrates unwavering loyalty to his friend Frodo Baggins, accompanying and supporting him through perilous journeys and critical moments.

  Loyalty, signifies a deep and enduring dedication to each other. It represents a consistent commitment and unshakeable faithfulness that persists through various challenges and changes that we face in the practice of immigration law and in fulfilling our mission to Unify families


Nelson Mandela’s resilience is exemplified by his unwavering fight against apartheid in South Africa, enduring 27 years of imprisonment yet emerging with a steadfast commitment to peace and reconciliation.

  Resilience embodies the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and adapt to change. It involves maintaining a positive attitude, demonstrating strength and flexibility in the face of adversity, and learning from challenges.

All In

Rocky, a small-time boxer who gets a shot at a world heavyweight championship, embodies the “All in” spirit through his extraordinary dedication despite overwhelming odds. 

  All in is a total and unreserved commitment to a particular cause, goal, or endeavor. It embodies a mindset of full engagement and dedication, where one puts forth all available resources, energy, and effort without holding back.


As the embodiment of happiness, Joy represents positivity with her cheerful and optimistic demeanor.

Positivity involves maintaining an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life, focusing on the good aspects of situations, and exuding a cheerful and encouraging demeanor. It encompasses the ability to see opportunities in challenges, inspire others with a constructive attitude, and foster an environment of warmth and kindness.


Mulan showcases reliability through her courageous actions, and commitment of her loved ones and her country. 

Reliability as a core value embodies the consistent delivery of dependable results, fostering trust and stability in relationships and endeavors. It involves being consistently honest, accountable, and responsible, ensuring that others can count on one’s word and actions in all circumstances.


Peter Parker’s adaptability is evident in his dual life as a high school student and a superhero. 

Adaptability allows you to constantly adjust to new conditions, whether it’s fighting different immigration villains (government beuracracy, unfair immigration laws, etc)  It reflects the ability and embrace change, and innovate in the face of challenges and evolving circumstances.