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Faster Steps to Permanent Legal Status

Free book on permanent legal status in the US
Faster Steps to Permanent Legal
Status by Kaushik Ranchod

This ia a FREE Ebook for Families Who Need Education about Choices and Steps. I wrote this book to help families who may or do suffer separation from loved ones due to legal problems regarding immigration.

I wrote this book to make clear the choices and steps available to those families who seek to remove complications and threats to their security because they live daily with just one fact: a member of their immediate family is in the United States illegally.

I wrote this book to educate ordinary people about certain proposed and existing immigration laws concerning waivers for unlawful presence by proving extreme hardship. I don’t expect the average reader to understand what I’m talking about when I use this ordinary “waiver” terminology of my daily life as an immigration lawyer. So, please be patient, this book on immigration laws is not going to be a fast food “jiffy” meal. Learning the basics of immigration law as it applies to your case requires an investment of your time, but I believe you will find out it is well worth it!

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How do you address your physician shortage needs?

Book Cover, Hiring Foreign Medical Graduates, written by Kaushik Ranchod
Hiring Foreign Medical Graduates

My clients, hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics, range in size and in practice areas, but they all have one major thing in common, all of my clients come to me because they are suffering from a shortage of physicians.

If you are like my other medical facility clients you are extremely busy managing your facility, patient needs, Human Resources staffing needs and policies, and a host of other issues that are involved in practicing medicine and running a medical facility. Your facility depends on having sufficient competent physicians on staff.

Unfortunately, if your medical facility is feeling a shortage of physicians now, it is about to get a lot worse. As reported by Forbes on September 11, 2013, an estimated 7 million previously uninsured Americans will have coverage January 1, 2014, thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (that number will jump to 20 million by 2016). When combined with the millions of Baby Boomers that will be reaching Medicare age, the nation is facing a Perfect Storm of physician shortages. Forbes further reports that an estimated 75,000-150,000 new physicians will be needed over the next decade.

I created this book to address the solution of hiring foreign medical graduates to address the physician shortage your facility is, or could be facing.

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The use of foreign medical graduates can alleviate the physician shortage you are experiencing in your facility. Foreign medical graduates can also be employed to grow your medical facility. This book is most helpful for hospital executives, medical facility administrators, human resource personnel, or any health care management professional who is considering the employment of foreign physicians.

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