China Popular for Adoptions

I have noted in this blog that when it comes to international adoption in my practice as an immigration lawyer that I have seen the number of children available for adoption from China drop precipitously over the past few years. In 2005, there were 8,000 Chinese children adopted by U.S. parents last year there were 3,000.

The reasons for the decline are related to more adoptions by Chinese parents and fewer children being given up for adoption. Things are better for Chinese families and children, and although that is good news for China that translate into a dearth of children available for intercountry adoption.

But people are not giving up in their hopes of adopting a child from China. It is still one of the most popular countries for those from the U.S. to adopt. Or, at least, attempt to adopt. Here is what has changed and what you should expect.

• The Chinese government has raised the standards for those foreigners wanting to adopt.
• The process, which in the past could take up to three years, may take even longer.
• There is more paperwork than there used to be, which has complicated the system.

The good news is that the Chinese government has shown that it is concerned about the welfare of its adoptive children and the changes in adoption policies are not necessarily bad for U.S. parents. For those wanting to adopt, these changes mean that if you are, indeed, a parent who can provide a supportive and safe atmosphere for a child, you have a decent chance of adopting.

But it will take patience and it is very helpful to work with an immigration lawyer who focuses in the area of inter country adoption.

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