F1 Visas

F1 Visa Benefits for Students

Immigration Lawyer in San Jose area Offers Insights into F1 Visas for Students

If you’re a full time student from a foreign country who will be traveling to the US to study at a university, college, conservatory or high school or as a language student, then you will want to apply for and secure a F1 Visa. In my practice as an immigration lawyer in the San Jose Bay Area, CA, I’ve found that this visa, which is specifically designed for students, is essential. Read More »F1 Visa Benefits for Students

F-1 Status and Extension of OPT

In my extensive experience as a immigration lawyer in Sacramento, I do a lot of work in the area of H1B visas. From our offices in Sacramento and Stockton, I work with applicants from all 50 states who have been in this country under a F-1 visa and who during that time have earned a master’s degree or higher.

I am going to devote a few blogposts to this important area and look at how F-1 visa holders can get an extension as they apply for their H1-B Visa. In this blog, I’m going to consider eligibility criteria.Read More »F-1 Status and Extension of OPT

Immigration Lawyer Offers Checklist for F-1 Students OPT Application

As an immigration lawyer, I find that students with an F-1 visa who go through the OPT application procedure can often be intimidated by the various aspects of the process. From my offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, I work with clients from all 50 states on this process. Here’s a checklist for F-1 students interested in engaging in the OPT application procedure.

Recommendation Request from Designated School Official (DSO)


Those who think they would profit from practical training in their field and consider themselves to be OPT eligible should first meet with their Designated School Official (DSO), who is their international advisor, and request a recommendation. The DSO must issue a recommendation for OPT in SEVIS and provide the student with Form I-20, which has been updated. The student must submit the Form I-20 with the employment authorization application.Read More »Immigration Lawyer Offers Checklist for F-1 Students OPT Application