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Federal Judge reopens DACA

Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod From the Ranchod Law Group, in the video of this blogpost I want to share some breaking news that has just occurred. Very recently a federal judge has reopened DACA which is awesome! This is another blow to President Trump’s blockage of DACA. This is great because we have so many young people in this country who deserve to have DACA.

How This Works

Let me explain how this works. Firts of all it will not go into effect until after 90 days of review. They have to show they have some valid reasoning for what they did, because Judge Bates said what the President Trump administration did was arbitrary and capricious: what he is saying is you cannot “go and do” whatever you want without a basis, without some logic, without some reasoning behind it so finally justice is being served.

I hope this will be reopened in 90 days because there are too many people out there who rely on this DACA program for years who don’t deserve to suffer and who have been here since the age of 1 or 2 or 3: at a minimum they deserve DACA!

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