H 1B Cap Numbers Analysis

Immigration Attorney in San Francisco Area Considers Latest Government H 1B Stats

The latest numbers concerning H 1B applications were updated by the USCIS about one week ago. Working as an immigration attorney with many firms and individuals in the San Francisco area who have a stake in this process, I’m always interested in these numbers.

Latest H 1B Numbers

As of the writing of this blog, the latest H 1B numbers see cap eligible petitions at about 28,500. There are 65,000 available. That means that 43.8% of the possible applications have been submitted. The H 1B with a master’s exemption has seen 11,900 petitions. There are a total of 20,000 such petitions available. Translated into a percentage, it looks like 59.5% of those H 1B petitions designated for those holding a masters or higher have been submitted.

Quick Analysis

Comparing this year’s filings to last, those for FY 2011 are still lagging far behind and I don’t see them picking up very quickly.

Petitions Still Available

There is good news. Petitions are still available if your company is looking to hire individuals through the H 1B process. For those in the San Francisco area or any part of the state or U.S. who need assistance an immigration lawyer can certainly help facilitate this process.

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