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An I-601A Success Story: Waiver approval for medical extreme hardship

Hi this isKaushik Ranchod here fromThe Ranchod Law Group with Brian and today we’re going to talk about the I-601a Waiver.Before doing so, I want to express our gratitude to all of you that have been checking in every week. For all of our clients, stay tuned because we are going to talk about how we got an I-601a Waiver approved for a Mexican national

We were able to get this case approved in 3 and a half months

Right now, the government processing times, specifically for the I-601a Waiver, is between 5 and 7 months. That’s only for the I-601a Waiver.

That’s one step and there are three steps in the process. Before that is the form I-130 which is taking 6 to 8 months and then there’s the National Visa Center processing and the U.S. embassy processing.

So I’ll tell you a little bit about this case and how we got it approved.

The spouse was married to a U.S. citizen she has 2 U.S. citizen children – he has 2 U.S. citizen children as well, the same kids, and basically what we did is what we normally do and that is a very thorough investigation for our clients: specifically in the case of this client, we were seeking different factors that could be considered extreme hardship. In this case we were able to find a medical condition she had that would not be covered by the foreign health insurance. Also, the U.S. citizen spouse had a very good job and the way she got that good job was by going to school and she ended up having to get a significant student loan: if she had to go back to Mexico she wouldn’t have been able to pay back those student loans and she also needed the husband’s joint income to help pay the student loans as well!

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