J1 Waiver Exceptional Hardship Explained

Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from the The Ranchod Law Group and today I’m going to tackle one of the most frequently asked questions regarding J-1 Visas and that is: What is exceptional hardship for J1 waivers. Many of you think they are going to be ripped away from their family and I know that’s hard, that’s really hard but unfortunately the government does not see that as exceptional hardship.

Is that fair? No it is not but that’s where we come in with our legal team and explain all the other different factors that you have: we do that in a legal brief to create a case for you demonstrating what exceptional hardship is – facts such as financial disruption, career disruption, medical issues psycological issues and adding all these factors. In most cases, most people don’t have the bulletproof exceptional hardship where you’re going to be dying or your United States citizen spouse or child is dying from cancer: usually it’s by making all these individual arguments into a set of circumstances which demonstrate exceptional hardship.
I know it is hard for you to be separated from your family, I know that it is painful and it’s adding injury or insult to injury when the government states your conditions are not extreme hardship but those are the cards that we have been dealt and I’m happy to say that we’ve been very successful in getting these exceptional hardship waivers approved.

Our approval rate is 20% above the national average and I have to give you a little disclaimer that it doesn’t mean that your case is going to get approved but we know how to present an awesome case for you so if you’re not sure whether or not you meet the legal standard I invite you to call many calls that we do are free, it will depend upon your situaton so call us at (916) 613-3553 and we will discuss whether you can qualify for extreme hardship – thank you and have an awesome day!

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