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5 Reasons Why You Should have an Immigration Attorney near you to Assist With the I-601A Waiver

A question that we hear a lot in the Sacramento area is whether it is worth the time and money to work with an immigration attorney to complete the Form I-601A.

After all, how hard can it be to complete a form? Right?

Government forms can be extremely complex and confusing. If you do not follow the instructions and provide the required information, you could potentially be separated from your family members for up to ten years

That is why it can be extremely important to work with an experienced Immigration Attorney near you to handle your I-601A hardship waiver.

These are five reasons why you should contact an immigration attorney near you to assist with the provisional unlawful presence waiver:

  1. The Form is articulated. The Internet can provide a wealth of tips and personal experiences on how to handle immigration matters but Form I-601A is serious business: you will be hard-pressed to find meaningful, reliable advice from someone who successfully completed the process. Working with an Immigration attorney can be critical, as you will be less likely able to learn from the mistakes of others.
  2. Eligibility. Generally, adults who are currently in the U.S. and the beneficiary of an approved visa petition may be eligible for the waiver. However, there may be complications for individuals who received a removal order or who have a criminal arrest in their background. It’s always best to consult with a local immigration attorney to help determine eligibility and work on strategies to overcome any “red flags.”
  3. Proving an extreme hardship. You will have to prove that your family members will suffer an “extreme hardship”should you not get the Waivers. An extreme hardship is a term of art and the government will look for certain things that help prove this condition. An experienced immigration attorney whom has worked on many Waivers in the past, will know how to draft a document. In addition to compiling the forms correctly, an attorney will put you in the best position to have your case approved.
  4. Attorney Review with a focus on I-601A waivers. Too often, minor mistakes, typographical errors, and simple omissions derail an application. An immigration attorney has completed and reviewed many similar forms in the past and can help make sure that your application is as complete as possible and puts you in the best light.
  5. Stakes are High. As mentioned above, the stakes for a hardship waiver are extremely high. Approval could mean the difference between being separated from your family for a decade or not. Contact an immigration attorney near you who can help draft a persuasive argument that can oftentimes make all the difference.

Here is a video from Kaushik Ranchod, managing Immigration Attorney at the The Ranchod Law Group where he describes an I-601A success story:

For more information, please consult our I-601A Section.

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