I-601A waiver for Mexican national – Health Insurance, Psychological and Medical Conditions

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I-601A waiver Approval Document for Mexican national
I-601A Waiver Approval Document for Mexican national

Our office is proud of our track record in helping our clients keep their families together through the I-601A Waiver process – including our latest success story – approval in 3 months!Our client is the husband of a U.S. citizen and father to two U.S. citizen children.

Working withThe Ranchod Law Group, we were able to identify numerous exceptional hardships to USCIS to help win the Waivers.

A deep dive into the citizen spouse’s medical history revealed a rare condition and our office researched Mexico’s medical system to show that this condition would not be covered by foreign health insurance.
The citizen spouse, also known as the qualifying relative:

  • has good employment;
  • has a significant student loan debt;
  • depends on our client’s joint income to repay this debt.

Among other hardships, we further highlighted the citizen spouse’s psychological impacts of not just being separated from our client, but also raising 2 children in the U.S. as a single mother.

Because of our dedicated team of attorneys and professionals, we were able to show enough evidence of extreme hardships to secure a successful outcome in under three and a half months, at a time when immigration is averaging five to seven months for these waivers!

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