Examples of Successful I-601A Waiver Applications

Examples of Successful I-601A Waiver Applications

Hi, this is Kaushik Ranchod here from the Ranchod Law Group, here for our weekly immigration update with Brian as well.

So today we’re gonna discuss some examples of successful I-601A Waivers. You have been asking questions and we want to answer them!

I-601A Waivers Approved - Two success stories

We have recently received two successful I-601A Waivers approved – we’re talking about I-601A Waivers.

What makes a successful I-601A Waiver?

One of the most recent cases approved by The Ranchod Law Group was for a Client from Guatemala.

The Hardship Waiver Matrix

We create an extensive legal brief to analyze all of the hardships we identify which are specific to your case: In this case, what we did is we used our Hardship Waiver Matrix to analyze all the Hardships and created a legal brief. In the legal briefs, we looked at the most significant hardships the spouse of the U.S. citizen would face, were they to make a return to their spouses home country of Guatemala, or, be separated from each other.
Another aspect of the Extreme Hardship we examined was the medical Hardship. In fact, we knew that if the U.S. citizen spouse were to follow spouse to Guatemala there would be a number of relevant hardships: We focused on the the country conditions and the mental health issues.

We talked about all of these issues to demonstrate Extreme Hardship. The way that we did that was in a legal brief, because that’s important in arguing all the factors that create Extreme Hardship. Remember, mere separation is not enough.

So if you’re married a U.S. citizen or you have a U.S. citizen parent or a permanent resident, you may qualify for a Waiver – you can contact us at (916) 613-3553 to see if you qualify.


I have to give you the legal disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that if we took on your case you would get approved that way, that’s why we need to analyze your case and determine whether it meets the Hardship Waiver requirements and whether or not you have a good case. I want to thank you for tuning in to our immigration show, we will be here, well next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so we’re gonna be here next Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and have an awesome day!