I-601 Waiver Success Story for a Pakistani National

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I-601 Fraud and Misrepresentation (perhaps because of nerves)

We at The Ranchod Law Group pride ourselves on our success as it means we have had the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our clients. One such client is currently in Pakistan while his ailing mother lives in the United States as a Legal Permanent Resident. His mother depends on him for many things, including financial and physical support as she is wheelchair bound. He was required to remain in Pakistan due to a misrepresented fact that came about perhaps because of nerves. Our office argued that the bar should be waived due to the exceptional hardships his mom would endure without him being here. We were able to demonstrate that because of her chronic medical conditions, including depression and anxiety, that it was in her best interest to have her son here in the United States with her. She also does not have any income and very little financial support here in the United States, therefore having her son who would be able to work here is critical. We also demonstrated why his mother would not fare well in Pakistan, given the poor state of healthcare, lack of mobility for those in wheelchairs, and social stigma around mental health in the country. Additionally, we demonstrated how her son would be unable to adequately provide for her due to the economic conditions on Pakistan. Soon, our client will be able to join his mother here in the United States and provide her with the care and support that she needs and deserves.

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