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Our Latest I-601a Success Story » Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

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i 601a Waiver Approval Notice

Our Latest i 601a, Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver was approved on January 26, 2017. It is with great joy that we can bring such wonderful news to our clients during this time of turmoil and uncertainty.

Mr. and Mrs. Grey (not their real names) contacted our office to see if we could help Mrs. Grey become a legal resident. From the beginning, they were wary about the process because Mrs. Grey’s previous case had been botched by a notary public. We reassured them that we could help them through this difficult process and we would be there every step of the way.

During our initial consultation, we determined that Mrs. Grey was an excellent candidate for an i 601a Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver. Mrs. Grey was brought to the U.S. illegally by her parents at the young age of two. Her mother and siblings went on to become lawful permanent residents but they neglected to get the proper legal assistance to file her paperwork and therefore left her without any viable options. Because Mrs. Grey had an unlawful entry and accumulated unlawful presence, we needed to figure out a way to cure this.

Mrs. Grey had been married to Mr. Grey (a U.S. Citizen) for over a decade and they had three U.S. citizen children. Mr. Grey had several medical conditions that left him dependent on Mrs. Grey to take care of their children. Although, Mr. Grey had a decent job, if he had to procure child care for three young children, he would not be able to take care of his other financial responsibilities such as his mortgage. We were confident that these facts, in combination with others that we could help them identify, would be useful in presenting a case for extreme hardship to Mr. Grey if Mrs. Grey’s waiver was not granted. We worked diligently alongside our clients to put together the best case and legal argument possible and it paid off.

While it brings us great satisfaction each time we help our clients obtain immigration benefits, this case was particularly satisfying because not only did we get Mrs. Grey’s i 601a waiver approved, but we also restored her faith that had been damaged by previous ineffective legal assistance.
i 601a Waivers are complicated and it is important that you obtain competent legal assistance.

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