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I-601A Waiver Approval, Illegal Entry and Illegal Presence

I-601A waiver letter of approval

I-601A hardship waiver approval notice (Dec.12, 2016)

An I-601A Waiver letter of approval and Success Story

Lady illegally enters the United States and has a child with and marries a US Citizen

Date we filed the Waiver: July 14, 2016
Date of Approval: December 12, 2016
This is a success story for an I-601A hardship waiver by the Ranchod Law Group with offices in Sacramento California. The essential facts of this case are centered around the illegal entry of a woman who settled down in the US after having a child and marrying a US citizen. The couple choose to rely on our immigration attorneys to request an I-601A Hardship Waiver.

The Facts of this case

  • Client entered illegally in the early 2000s and never left the U.S.
  • She had a child with a U.S. Citizen who she eventually married.
  • In the past, her husband suffered from alcoholism.

We were able to argue a case of extreme hardship on behalf of the client.

In fact, our immigration attorneys in Sacramento California were able to explain that if her waiver were denied, forcing her to leave the U.S., her husband’s sobriety would be at great risk. We have successfully argued a history of alcoholism to frame it as a disease, as it should be, rather than a negative character trait.

We have been successful at using this argument to prove extreme hardship in applying for Waivers on other occasions in the past as well. We are honored our clients trust us with such a critical life-changing process and confide in us their deepest secrets.

Now that the client’s hardship waiver has been granted and the client can achieve her lawful permanent residency (green card) the future is very bright for this lovely family.

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