I-601a Waiver Approval Document and Success Story

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I601-A Waiver Approval Document for Client with DACA

I601-A Waiver Approval Document for Client with DACA

I-601A Waiver for Illegal Entry and for Being in the U.S. Illegally Approved for Client with DACA

Filed: December 12, 2016
Approved: September 18, 2017

The Facts of this Case

  • Client is a young man with DACA
  • He is married to a U.S. Citizen
  • Thankfully he was never too sure about DACA‘s future and began the process to obtain his lawful permanent residence (his green card)
  • Since his parents brought him into the U.S. illegally, he needed to obtain an I601-a waiver before he could receive his lawful permanent residence

In order to win these waivers we have to prove that his qualifying relative, in this case his U.S. citizen wife, would suffer extreme hardship both if she remained in the U.S. without client and also if she relocated abroad to be with client.

Additional Facts Proving Extreme Hardship

  • Client’s wife was dependent on client as he is the primary financial provider for the family, a role he could not fulfill from abroad
  • The couple recently purchased their own home which she could not pay for if he was forced to go abroad
  • The wife is in college and she could not continue her education without client’s support and she also could not continue her education abroad
  • If client left his job his wife would lose her health care coverage

Finally,. We crafted arguments around these circumstances and we are so happy client is able to become a lawful permanent resident, especially now that DACA has been discontinued.

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