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I-601A Waiver Letter of Approval and Success Story for National from Guatemala

I-601A Waiver Approval Document for national from Guatemala - The Ranchod Law Group

I-601A Waiver Letter of Approval for national from Guatemala

Here atThe Ranchod Law Group, we take great care to ensure that we put forth the very best case possible we can prepare for each and every one of our clients. This is evident by our high approval rating for I-601a waivers.

A Recent I-601A Waiver Success Story for a Guatemalan National

A recent I-601A success story can be found with a Guatemalan national who is married to a U.S. citizen, and who has two U.S. citizen children.

By employing our Hardship Matrix, we were able to prepare a strong case for this family.

  • Our client is the main provider for his family, and his absence would have caused certain financial trouble and exceptional hardship for his wife and children.
  • His wife, the qualifying relative, has medical bills due to ongoing medical issues.
  • Additionally, an evaluation of his wife’s mental health revealed that she suffered from depression and psychosomatic symptoms—largely stemming from our client’s lack of status in the U.S.

We worked closely with this family to gather compelling evidence and demonstrate exactly why our client’s absence from his family would result in exceptional hardship. Our Legal Team of immigration attorneys in Sacramento worked to ensure the client’s case was filed with no stone unturned. Our hard work and dedication resulted in an approval for this client, and they are one step closer to their green card!

If you would like to find out more about extreme hardship waivers, and if you would qualify, please contact our office today at (916) 613-3553.

definition of “lack of status”:
Lack of status refers to persons who:

  1. Have overstayed a visa for work, visit or study.
  2. Have worked or studied in the U.S. without authorization
  3. Have entered the U.S. without a valid passport or travel document

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