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The i601A Waiver Application Mistake You Must Avoid


Welcome to your weekly immigration show, this is Kaushik Ranchod from The Ranchod Law Group in Sacramento and today I want to talk to you about a serious mistake that I saw today.It was an individual who trusted this attorney who made a grave mistake – they filed the case without an underlying Green Card application. Well what kind of case? An i 601 Waiver case. So any I-601 Waiver [as in this case – it was for an I-212 case], needs to have an underlying application that is either based off of a form I-485 or an immigrant visa.

Now that applies as well to an I-601A case as well you must have an immigrant visa pending for an I-601A. This is basic and this attorney missed it and it was just so sad to see how this person wasted so much time in their life, so much money, only to, at the end of the day, find out that this Green Card application should have been plowed.

So i want to make sure that you stay informed, you know it’s going on watch my other videos. This is how on this individual newsom that something was a miss that the attorney would only submitted very minimal supporting documentation, four to six sentences supporting the whole application, where in our situation when we represent clients we prepared a legal brief supporting all of the arguments and extensive documentation demonstrating the Hardship.

So you want to make sure that when you submit your application, especially in thePresident Trumpera, that one you have a Green Card application that’s supporting the whole I-601 or I-601A.

Oh and also that you are putting your best foot forward because I don’t want you to waste years of your life and then many times, in many situations, thousands of dollars when you can get a break the first time.

So I invite you to contact our office at (916) 613-3553 or email us at info@ranchodlaw.com to make sure that you are informed. Thank you have an awesome day.

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