I-212 Waiver Approved Following Deportation Order – in 1 week!

I-212 Waiver Approved Following Deportation Order – in 1 week!

The Ranchod Law Group successfully acquired an approval on behalf of a foreign national client for an I-212 Waiver. This allows our client to pursue consular processing at a foreign embassy and get a green card through the client’s U.S. citizen spouse – without having to wait 10 years! And what’s more, our client received a decision in one week!

I-212 Waiver Approved in 7 days: The Facts

Our client, a foreign national, entered the United States seeking asylum and was placed into removal proceedings. With the help of another immigration attorney, our client asked a Judge for asylum, which was denied and resulted in a deportation order against our client. After unsuccessfully appealing to the BIA and Ninth Circuit, the Deportation order became final.

Our team took on the case and worked tirelessly with the client to accumulate evidence showing the favorable factors that warranted excusing the Deportation order against our client. Under a USCIS memorandum outlining all the positive and negative equities in an I-212 permission to reapply, our team was able to convince immigration to allow the client to get an immigrant visa through his U. S. citizen spouse, without having to wait 10 years after the deportation. Even better, our team was able to provide strong enough evidence that immigration had an easy decision to make – and did so in one week!

Due to our efforts, our client will now be able to travel to his home country and in a matter of weeks, get an immigrant visa – without having to wait for 10 years.

Our efforts demonstrate that even in these hard times for immigrants, diligence and preparation can make even the most hopeless case result in a positive outcome for our clients