Increase in the number of Requests for Further Evidence (RFEs)

With the new administration, we have seen a big increase in the number of Request for Evidence (RFEs) for petitioners seeking residency, citizenship, family visas, and employment visas. This means it’s more important than ever to be organized and have all of your information ready when you apply — and during the entire application process. Here are some suggestions for what you should do — and not do — when you are responding to a Request for Further Evidence.

Don’t Panic

Receiving an RFE is not something to panic about, and it does not mean your case will be denied. It does mean the USCIS is asking for more information before they will make a decision about your application. Instead of looking it as a bad sign, consider the RFE an opportunity to make your application stronger.

Do Move Quickly

An RFE does have a deadline, usually of 30–90 days, so it is important to send the information you have and move quickly.

If you don’t respond by the deadline given, USCIS will either deny your application or make a decision based on the information you already gave them. Sometimes an RFE will ask for information that you do not have or won’t have for some time. An immigration attorney can work with you to submit a complete response, so all the evidence for your case will be considered by immigration services.

Do Talk to your Lawyer

Lately, in addition to the increase in RFEs in general, we have also seen an increase in how complicated they are. Many of them are complex enough that having an immigration attorney review and prepare them can help ensure you are not missing anything. Remember, if you don’t submit all information asked for in your RFE, it can be a reason to deny your application.

If you’ve received a Request for Further Evidence after submitting a visa application, our staff at The Ranchod Law Group can work with you to send your response.

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