Keeping Your Momentum Going

You have set your resolutions for the year. You have goals you want to accomplish. You may have even started working toward your goals—but are you keeping up with them? All too often, we will set our resolutions for the year and then forget about them. Other things come up or get in the way. It happens to everyone. When we get derailed, how we handle it will determine what happens next. Will we let our distractions get the better of us and keep us from our goals, or will we work to get ourselves back to where we want to be?

These setbacks apply to any goal you have set for yourself, not just your resolutions. When you hit a roadblock and something gets in your way, how fast you get back on track—if you get back on track—is the difference between success and defeat. No one wants their goals to be left unfinished, but the reality is they often are. Sometimes we set goals too high for us to reach. Other times we may make excuses for why we weren’t able to get back on track.

At Ranchod Law Group, when we are helping people work through the immigration process, we are constantly setting goals. Our outlook is to succeed, to overcome challenges and roadblocks we face—and I can tell you, there are many. How we handle these problems directly impacts the outcome of our results.(*)

When we’re working with US government agencies, it can be a challenge to meet their exact expectations. We work to be thorough and to keep nothing from slipping through the cracks, but even then, those agencies may have concerns or want further information. They may ask for completely different documents or information than we initially provided—even when we supplied the correct documentation. It’s not uncommon for the government to issue a request for evidence. In fact, we do not have control. We are entirely reliant on how the government acts and responds. There are times when the government will act irrationally and make the process more challenging. When that happens, we can appeal the case, if the client chooses to.

This is where we create a strategy to answer the RFE’s questions within the short time frame allotted to respond to their concerns. Again, it comes back to how we handle these situations that will determine our success. When we hit that roadblock, we make sure we have a plan in place to get past it.

It’s that kind of planning that makes all the difference. When something unexpected gets in the way of your goals, having a plan to get through it will keep you from straying. You may have set a resolution to get more physical activity. You are going to the gym three times a week. Your goal is to stick to your regimen and get into shape. What do you do when you have another appointment on one of your gym days? Do you skip the gym? Of course not! You go at a different time and you make sure you stick to your three days a week. With that kind out outlook, you will accomplish your goals and see success, and you will be able keep your momentum going through the rest of the year!

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*Case results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

(*) Case results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter –