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Latest news on Citizenship Interviews you need to know

Hi it’s Kaushik Ranchod here and just wanted to share about the latest of what’s going on with Citizenship interviews.

So recently I’ve had a few interviews where I’ve represented clients at USCIS in Sacramento. One thing to be aware of is the court has opened at the Sacramento office, so now it is taking a lot longer. So, you want to make sure you’re there like an hour ahead of time to give you plenty of time to get in. Then once you get in.

When you get called for the interview, first of all let’s back up here like what’s the eligibility for Citizenship? Well you have three years and five years: three years would be based on a good-faith marriage, five years if you’ve been a permanent resident for five years.

But even then, they can go back and look if you got a prior marriage at validity of the marriage if that’s how you obtain Citizenship. So that’s something you’d want to consult with a attorney about it if you have questions about that.

And then you also have to have good moral character within the last five years, and same thing even if you haven’t committed a crime like in the last five years you can still go, they can still go back and evaluate a crime before that but it shouldn’t be considered as something that determines whether or not you have good moral character.

And then of course you’ll have the History exam where you have to have six out of ten questions correct. So, you know some of the questions are who’s our founding father that’s a question, who’s the Vice President – that’s an easier one. Another question is who is the state senator, so those are some examples of the questions.

Then you have the English exam. Now depending upon your age, you may be exempt from that so hey you never know you could be exempt depending upon your age. So, you know, getting old is not necessarily a bad thing! So, give us a call and Oh hey Dolores thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. She let the cat out of the bag that’s why I said getting old not a bad thing, because you know hey you might actually one day not have to take the English exam for Citizenship.

So I’m getting a little bit off of a topic here but you know I always believe there’s a silver lining in everything so you know whether it be you’re getting older whether it be you know something may not work out in your way, if you get an Request For Evidence (RFE) there’s light at the end of the tunnel can contact our office at (916) 613-3553 if you have questions and we can help you through this process we can tell you know if you should apply if you shouldn’t apply and you know one day eventually it could be possible for you to become a citizen so don’t give up on that dream don’t give up on that hope because that is always a possibility for you depending upon your situation and if it’s not a possibility there’s other possibilities that are available for you.

So, if you have any questions post them below you can call us (916) 613-3553 don’t be afraid to ask your questions it is a tough climate right now but that doesn’t mean that options and hope is not available to you.

All right that’s all I have today want to wish you a very wonderful day and I will talk to you next week thank you bye!

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