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What is Going On With DACA in May 2019?

Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from The Ranchod Law Group with offices in Sacramento and Stockton. I’m here with Brian and we are here for our weekly Immigration Show.

Alright so today, we are gonna talk about the latest and greatest immigration trends and we’re going to talk about DACA. As you know with this administration we’re talking about the “loco” things that are going on… so eighty-six percent of Americans support DACA and there’s current house legislation that has been worked on to help make DACA happen because people who came here as children deserve to be legal.

Trump is receiving a lot of pressure from Republicans and Democrats and the courts on DACA, so we have to just keep on continuing to let our Congress people know that we support DACA so that something passes. Now moving on to the latest trend, what is happening – can you believe that immigration is finally moving on to electronic applications??!!

So this isn’t in all the applications it’s just some right now, but they’ve indicated that that’s the direction that they want to go: they want to become modernized and what I have to say is it’s about time! You know with many other different agencies you can file electronically as we’re not in the dinosaur ages anymore where we need to mail in applications – it’s such a waste of resources and time. USCIS has rolled this out with a couple of applications and we’ll see where they go with it just.

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