Immigration Lawyer Considers the Issue that Won’t Go Away

Arizona Reveals Need for US Immigration Law Reform to this Sacramento Attorney

This year, many US Senators and Congressmen have been pushing for immigration
reform. The president has been lobbied, rallies have been held, debates are ongoing
but immigration reform is still a concept and not a reality. The recent incidents in
Arizona have caused a lot of discussion and activity in the Sacramento Bay area
and Sacramento, where I consul clients on immigration.


As an immigration lawyer, I’ve been interested and concerned with the
controversial Arizona law that recently went into effect. That Arizona law
focusing on undocumented immigrants has caused a lot of debate. A federal
judge has blocked the most controversial aspects of the law. The law has caused
vigorous protests from people on both sides of the issue in various states.

The Message of Arizona’s Immigration Controversy

The important thing to realize is that this entire scenario—the law, putting it
into effect, the protests, the federal judges stay, etc.—all combine to say a few
things about our country and immigration. Here are three important points:

  • There are problems with the law.
  • Fixing it won’t be easy.
  • Someone needs to take leadership regarding this issue.

I’ve written many times about immigration reform in this blog and will continue
to do so, including providing information articles, my viewpoint blogs and
updating recent developments. As an immigration lawyer in the
Sacramento area, it’s amazing how the recent incidents in Arizona hit home. That
one state and their new law represent the overall immigration reform dilemma that
faces this country.

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