J-1 Hardship Waiver Approval for Saudi Arabian Client

J-1 Hardship Waiver Approval for Client from Saudi Arabia

J1 Hardship Waiver Approved for Client From Saudi Arabia

Filed: August 15, 2016
Approved: June 20, 2017

Client came to the U.S. on a J1 Visa and had a U.S. Citizen child. In order to win these cases we have to successfully argue that the U.S. Citizen would suffer exceptional hardship both if he/she remained in the U.S. without the J1 visa holder and also if he/she went back to the home country with the J1 visa holder for two years. Since in this case the U.S. Citizen is a child and the mother is on a J2 Visa, also subject to the home residency requirement, we successfully argued that if the waiver were denied the child could not stay in the U.S. alone and the child would be forced to relocate to Saudi Arabia for two years. In terms of exceptional hardship in Saudi Arabia, we discussed the danger and discrimination of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia in addition to other damaging conditions. In ten months, the case was approved and the family can now continue their lives in the U.S.!

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