J1 Hardship Waiver for Brazil Approved

Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from The Ranchod Law Group here, coming to you live, and today we’re going to talk about J-1 Visa hardship waivers.

We’re talking about just how we got this Waiver approved for a client from Brazil!

A word on what you have been waiting for.

First of all I want to give you an update – it’s taking 19 to 21 months to get an approval, now that’s in July 2019: crazy times but that’s what it is, so don’t wait because we get too many people who call us when it’s too late.

What you’ve been waiting for:

How did this Waiver get approved?

Well we got this J-1 Visa hardship waiver approved because they’re from Brazil – a national from Brazilmarried to a United States citizen and he has a career, long standing career, here in the United States with a very well-known company… he had to give all of that up if he went to Brazil – now who wants to give up that! You work here all your life, you work hard and then, because you marry someone with the two-year rule you have to leave?

Well USCIS agreed with us, we made a legal argument about that: you know tighten all of the facts and what not, arguing career hardship and also the financial obligations. Also, they had gone through separation before and they didn’t want to go through that again – who wants to be separated for two years of their life: that basically disrupts everything in the United States!

If you’re on a J-1 Visa, you know that if you’re here, you know I need an I-601 waiver, then you know that too, and the requirements are very similar although there are some differences with those two so bottom line is call us at (916) 613-3553 to see if you qualify because it just depends on a bunch of factors. There’s not one factor that makes or breaks a case typically – typically it’s the totality of circumstances:

  • it’s the financial hardship
  • it’s the career hardship
  • maybe it’s a health issue
  • maybe it’s the political situation that’s going on with the country at the time as well

In Brazil, you know, there is a lot of crime as well so there are issues specific to Brazil as well that also helped with the J-1 Visa waiver. So every case is different of course, that depends on what country you are from.

I invite you to ask any questions and tune in next Thursday for our next live show on immigration and your questions.

Thank you have an awesome day – bye for now.

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