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L-1 Visa Documents

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In my law office in San Francisco, our immigration lawyers have been working with various companies and individuals on L-1 visa applications. In order to be approved, applications must meet certain criteria and they must also file all of the right paperwork.

Documents Required for L-1 Application

As an immigration lawyer, one area in which I focus is ensuring that all documents are in order when someone is applying for a L-1 visa. Some of the necessary documents necessary for applying for an L-1 visa after the L-1 petition has been approved is the following:

  • Form DS-156 from the USCIS.
  • A recent passport photograph showing the applicant’s full face. This is taken against a light background and there can be no head covering.
  • A passport that’s valid for travel in the U.S. for at least six months past the termination date of the applicant’s visit.
  • Employee’s copy of INS Form 1-797 Approval Notice.
  • Copy of USCIS Form 1-129, which is the Petition for a Nonimmigrant visa, and supporting documents. This form is filed with the USCIS by the applicant’s employer.


The L-1 Petition

This petition is used by the USCIS to decide if the applicant meets the basic qualifications for the visa for which they are applying. As far as the L-1 visa is concerned, the USCIS will utilize the petition to determine specifically if the applicant possesses the training, experience and background to enter the country in the capacity of a manager, executive or skilled and knowledge worker.

Thus, this petition outlines all of the important information as it pertains to the applicant’s past employment, expertise and education.

Information Required with the L-1 Petition

Along with the petition, applicants must submit a letter from their company that at a minimum attests to the following:

  • Length of time with the company, positions held and present employment.
  • A statement describing what position the applicant will hold in the U.S.
  • An acknowledgment that the company knows of the applicant’s transfer to the U.S. and has approved it.
  • The document must also contain the U.S. company’s full legal name and address. If the applicant will be at more than one location then all of the addresses involved must be listed.
  • An explanation of the need for the transfer
  • The document must be signed.

These are the basic elements that go into a L-1 visa application. In my capacity as an immigration lawyer in San Francisco, I am constantly coordinating various aspects of this process, ensuring that applicants are given the best possible chance to secure the visa they require to perform their duties.

For more information on L1 Visas, please visit the L1 Visa section of our website.

Please contact the Ranchod Law Group with offices in San Francisco, San Jose Bay Area, and Sacramento California, at info@ranchodlaw.com or at 415-986-6186 if you have any questions regarding L-1 visas or immigration.
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