How to Build a Thriving Law Firm Business

Success is not always entirely within the control of those who seek it. Fortune, however, favors the bold, as they say. It also favors those who have a vision and a team behind them that is all-in. 

The best way to find out how to be successful is to talk with those who have already achieved success. Host Kaushik Ranchod is definitely one of those people.

In this episode, Kaushik is joined by John Corcoran to turn the tables on him and find out what has made Kaushik so successful in his life and Practice. Listen in as they talk about the driving factors of success, creating a strong office culture, and the importance of having a vision.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [2:04] The driving factors of building a successful Law Firm or business
  • [3:56] It is helpful to let employees clear the air with each other
  • [5:33] The hiring process is key to a successful business
  • [9:50] The balance between being a boss and being friendly with your team
  • [11:26] How to stay connected with your team when working remotely
  • [13:33] Maintaining a positive culture in the workplace
  • [14:46] Marketing strategies Kaushik has used
  • [16:52] Having a Vision is important to building success

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