Attitude, Viewpoint, and Links to Information – Online Thoughts

Colorful, picturesque, artistic, contemplative, hard to understand – these words describe some of the places in cyberspace I’ve visited this week, researching topics for my blog

One link leads to another, it’s a little like snacking, nothing serious, one byte after another, little by little attention wanders, curiosity clicks through, and time passes as so-called “research.” Today was one of those online adventures worth retelling, only because it so amplifies the statement: “it all depends upon your attitude” (or point of view).

It all started with “research” about jobs and the economy. New York Times has plenty of food for thought. I was pleased to hear about the guy who had converted his hobbies into paid-for job(s) – entitled “Hobbies Add Up to a Career”.

This scenario would have been interesting to try fifteen years ago before launching into law school. Now my education affords me the ability to give advice about immigration law, on how to come and stay in the U.S. lawfully via work or family. We (readers and me) will someday all become retirees and practice our hobbies. Does that seem like circular thinking to you too, or is it just my viewpoint?

No matter — I did like the career-hobbyist’s advice: “. . . here’s some very important advice: You have to develop a tolerance for the setbacks that come with learning. Mistakes are just a message to try again but in a different way, and failures are a one-room schoolhouse for the adventurous. I tell my shocked gardening students that I’ve killed more plants than all of them put together. But knowing what to do sometimes comes from learning what not to do.

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